End of Aspen

I meant to write an update everyday when we were in Aspen, staying in a hotel with free and readily available wifi, but of course I did not.

Aspen mountain was up next, and at this point the mountains really needed some new snow. Overnight it snowed only an inch, but it was enough for a little bit of powder. Conditions were foggy, cold, and snowy. When I say foggy I mean, we could barely see the 4th chair in front of us while on the ski lift, and on the gondola absolutely nothing was visible. Despite the poor visibility the runs were fantastic. We even found a few hidden shrines. One to Snoopy and the other to Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead. Just as the sunshine was peaking out, at last, through the clouds our legs were turning to jelly. We headed back to our lodge to sit by the fire. I skyped an old friend from Edinburgh, while Eric attempted to work on our blog design, it didn’t go as planned. We’re still working on the design. Since, we got back to the lodge so early we decided to try out the brand new hot tub. Which was fantastic, and the perfect post ski jelly leg recovery.

Our last ski day in Aspen was spent at the toughest of the four ski areas, Highlands. Highlands ski area is basically only Blues, Blacks, Double Blacks and above. We thought leaving it last would be the best idea since we would be warmed up ready for some tough skiing, but the plan sort of backfired and we just ended up being spent. We skied what we could, got a little lost going down a double black, and called it a day a little early. One day we’ll go back and properly ski Highlands and it’s Bowls.

This was our last night in Aspen and at the lodge. We made some food for the road, enjoyed the wifi and had a chilled night. The next day we headed to a KOA in Grand Junction.


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